Unter dem Slogan „Global Cool“ haben Klimaschutzaktivisten aus UK eine interessante Klimaschutzkampagne gestartet. Sie setzen dabei vor allem auf die mediale Kaft von Prominenten aus  der Film- und Musikszene. So gibt es eine eigene Rubrik mit dem Namen CoolTube, die Videobotschaften von Prominenten beeinhaltet.

What is Global Cool?

Global Cool is a foundation (Global Cool Foundation UK) and a production company (Global Cool Productions Ltd) that are working together to stir anyone who cares about the planet to do their bit to save the planet they care about. Global Cool is backed by the biggest names in popular entertainment and the biggest brains in environmental science, all of whom know that a billion people x a modest reduction of one tonne of CO2 per person = a billion less tonnes of carbon and a significant slowdown in global warming.

Why use celebrities to push Global Cool?

Global Cool believes that professional communicators are best equipped to deliver essential messages to a vast, if not global, audience.

Over the next 12 months – and the subsequent nine years of Global Cool’s scheduled initiative – a large number of household names will be creating and contributing to our exclusive programming. That is programming solely focused on publicising the solutions to climate change.

Global Cool is not a celebrity campaign that massages and promotes the egos of a small group of individuals. The involvement of some of the biggest names in music and cinema is a collective response from the entertainment industry to face and confront the burgeoning threat of global warming.

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